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Dear Creatives, As we step into November a chill is upon us. For those of you back east you have already experienced the cold. But here, we are just on the edge of it. I hope this post warms your soul reminding you how beautiful fall can be & what foods can comfort us this time of year.



So sit back & enjoy a cup of something warm while you read on. Be sure & let me know your favorite comfort food prior to leaving! If you have a recipe to share be sure & link up with me, the details will be later in the post.


bolognese sauce

Topping my list of comfort foods is a recipe from The Kitchn for this bolognese sauce.Growing up every Sunday my grandma was stirring over a pot of the most aromatic sauce that just made you feel loved by the time you all sat down to eat it & kept you warm for hours!


Pioneer Woman

Now when I was at my other grandma’s house for Sunday dinners it was her creamy mashed potatoes, fried chicken & green beans that comforted us. Now I don’t think my grandma used Ree’s secret ingredient or maybe she did? & didn’t tell! This is exactly how my grandma made her potatos & to this day I still agree with Ree a old fashion potato masher is the best tool ever! Ree’s Creamy Potato Recipe from the Pioneer Woman.




My grandma would pan fry her chicken in a cast iron skillet in Crisco. I found this recipe that is the same as my grandma’s only it is oven-fried. What I love about this is I can be crafting away while the dinner is in the oven knowing that it will turn out perfect! Ina Garten’s Oven Fried Chicken recipe is at the Food Network. Now although I love my grandma’s & Ina’s recipe I spice mine up a bit more like Nick from Macheesmo’s recipe that was adapted from the Illustrated Cook, using paprika & cayenne. Nick half fries & half bakes the chicken. I have yet to try it that way, but just might after seeing the step by step photos.

Last but not least the ultimate comfort food in fall & winter is Lasanga for our family. I promise that I will do a step by step of my grandma’s recipe & my adapted recipe, so stay tuned for that. I just came across this recipe for Lasanga in a crock pot! I can see my grandma & grandpa shaking their fingers at me now, and saying “How could you even think of trying this!”

Well the fact is, life isn’t as simple any more as it was back then. Everyone one could use a time saver. So this is high on my must try recipes! And to deliver a wonderful comfort food while allowing me the comfort of doing something else while its cooking! For this Easy Crockpot Lasanga recipe just visit


Do you have the perfect comfort food recipe? You can link it up right here in our Feature Friday Link Up!


What is your favorite comfort food?

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