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Who likes trying new products? As a mom and consumer I love getting quality products for the best price and my family. Don’t you? Especially when it comes to things we need all the time in the house. If your like me you might have your favorite brands and products. Although I may love them I still love trying other ones. That way when things go on sale I can get more bang for my buck. Or stay tried and true. As, one thing I won’t skimp on is quality when it comes to brands and products.

I rather spend a little more to have something be the one I like or prefer than get a low cost version that doesn’t work great. Today I’m sharing a shopping haul from my ComfortVoxBox and review. What’s great about me being an Influenster is that when I get picked to try things I get to share them with you and give you my honest opinion of how those items worked in our home.

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Product Reviews:

Brands | brand products in a box and coupons
This Influenster box was called the Influenster ComfortVoxBox. It included a lot of products that are perfect for fall. A few new to me although I had seen some before I had not tried all of them before. See anything you recognize? Any brands or products new to you? Let’s get a closer look at these products. And I’ll share what we found out and how we liked them, good or not so much.



Brands | products Sure Deodorant
First up Sure Deodorant. Sure, it’s been around a while. But, I have never tried the Fresh & Cool Invisible solid. Have you? It’s cool as a cucumber and lightly scented. This is formulated with advanced odor protection technology, inspired by nature’s cucumber and green tea. Sammie liked this better than I did. Altough I love the scent, I love a deodorant that just slides quickly on.We loved both loved the scent. It is an anti-perspirant & deodorant. Sammie actually read that if you put deodorant on at night, it will last even longer as it soaks in you pores. She’s already reading labels. (Not shown on this product) Thumbs up to the scent, feel is nice (but, I prefer my current brand) and it works. I shower everyday so I don’t know about the 48 hours. Since Sammie liked it better than me, she took it for herself. Do you like Sure deodorant? Sure on Facebook


Fisher : Nut Exactly

Brands | Product: Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites
Next up Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites. Roasted Almonds, whole grain popcorn and milk chocolate. No artificial preservatives and only 15 calories per bite. This was the first product I opened. Sammie was super excited about them and then declared, no! She didn’t like them. On the other hand, me who doesn’t like milk chocolate liked them, alot. Now, if it was dark chocolate I’d be having Fisher ship me a case! But, in all seriousness I did enjoy this snack product. Now, I’m not going to tell you how many bites I had but, there isn’t a single one left in the house. We grabbed the bag and watched Shark Tank and gone! (Yes, you’ll find me most Friday’s trying to learn from those pitching the Sharks be sure to tweet with me *PST) Find more about the Nut Exactly snack bites at FisherNutExactly.com


Fiber Choice

Brands | Fiber Choice Fruity Bites

It’s fall and we all could use an immunity boost. Right? Add fiber and these dietary fruity bites are a winner. Yes, kids 12 years + can even take them under 12 consult a RX. No telling if we’ll avoid getting sick this fall/winter but, so far so good. Fiber Choice on Facebook


Annie’s Homegrown

Brands |Annies Creamy Tomato & Bunny Pasta Soup
 If your looking for good, Organic products Annie’s Homegrown has been a favorite of ours. We’ve know their products for years. I love them. I was excited to learn they even opened a drive through up in Northern, CA. where we used to live. Who knows?? But, I’d love to see them keep growing. They have added a line of soups that are a take on kids favorites! In 5 delicious flavors! Check them out and their other products, just sayin’. Good stuff! Annie’sHomegrown on Facebook


Tide : Tide Ultra Review

Brands | Tide Ultra Stain Release

I used this packet the other day. Typically I haven’t bought Tide in a while. I have super sensitive skin. This means I need unscented laundry soap. I loved that it was gentle for sensitive skin. It worked great. This, might be on my next Target shopping list!



Brands |Ragu Coupons

As much as I love making my own homemade sauces it’s not realistic all the time. Ragu has been a brand I have used and liked for years. I’ve made chicken Alfredo with Ragu classic Alfredo sauce. With Ragu red sauce I love adding veggies sautéed, dropping in the sauce & as soon as the noodles are done, dinner! What’s not to love about that on night with kids lessons, homework….? Ragu on Facebook

Well, that just about wraps up this ComfortVoxBox! I hope this helps you make some good choices when it comes to shopping.

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  1. I love when I get a good Voxbox! You got a nice one here. I recently got one with a sample of facewipes. Let’s just say they should have called it a sample not a Voxbox. But hey, I won’t complain. 😉

    1. Hi Stacie, I have received little samples before. This was a nice VoxBox. I think it is up there in one of our favorites so far. All the items were very useful to us.

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