Best Grilling Recipes Book: Grilled Skills + 2 #Recipes

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Best Grilling Recipes Book: Get Grilled Skills -Finally summer has kicked in full swing. Nothing is more fun that grilling outdoors and enjoying our backyards, beaches and campsites. Where ever you are grilling you are sure to want to kick your grilling up a knot-ch with some new grilling recipes and this cookbook, “Grilled Skills.

Why stay in the old comfort zone of just grilling plain hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken or steak. What about branching out on your summer grilling side dishes too? Or Adding a little flair to your backyard gatherings and grilled recipes? I’ve come across a book that will help you do all that and more! Grill Skills. 

Grilled Skills 

Grill Skills has professional tips for the perfect barbecue. What I loved about this book from the range of recipes to the pretty settings and photographs throughout. And there is a lot of photos to drool over. There are recipes for spicing up your butter for grilled corn on the cob to full on classic bistro style grilling and menu! Sprinkled throughout the book are music tips, setting up for a grill party to desserts. 

The desserts range from Blueberry Parfait Cones to a few classics like Strawberry Cream with Milk and Rhubarb Crumble. There are a few drink recipes and a small section for Sure Fire Wines! 

Best Grilling Recipes Book

Grill Skills Professional Tips for the Perfect Barbeque

best grilling recipes book|Grill Skills

Best Grilling Recipes CookBook

Overview of “Grilled Skills”

This grilling cookbook covers 160 pages of grilling goodness! And honestly you could use these recipes all year round. Where we live we grill 3/4 of the year. Let me share an overview of the contents with you. First there is the forward, and two pages of 30 commandments for a grill master. Then we move onto these topics:

  • Grill for Dinner
  • Classic Bistro Grill
  • Family Grill Fest
  • Mediterranean Grill
  • BBQ Swedish Style 
  • Setup for a Grill Party
  • Grilled Desserts
  • Sure-Fire Wines

Closing with the Index and introducing the Grill Masters. This is the book where Tex-Mex meets the islands, the Mediterranean meets Sweden, and the tropics meet urban balconies—an indispensable grill book for all tastes. 

This best grilling recipes book was published March 28, 2015. 

Get grilling from the cookbook: Recipe For Jerk Chicken and Recipe For Sweet Potato Salad With Mango and Lime 

best grilling recipes book|Grill Skills Cookbook Recipe

Best Grilling Recipes Book

Review of the cookbook, “Grilled Skills

Final Thoughts on Grilled Skills

Final Thoughts on the best grilling recipes book. This would make a great grilling cookbook to have on hand with a large variety of recipes that aren’t your basic grilled recipe.

  • The recipes themselves are straight forward and can be easily replicated. Each recipe comes with your directions, ingredient list along with how many servings.
  • You’ll find recipes for the standard serving sizes to several with sizes for buffets.
  • And you will also find a recipe for Veggie Burgers that looks amazing and several seafood and fish recipes.
  • There’s a small section with sauce recipes that look amazing. I can’t wait to make a few of these recipes or variations and try them with you.
  • I did receive a copy of the book from Schiffer Publishing for the facilitation of the review and sharing my 100% honest opinions. 

This book is available on Amazon and available with Amazon Prime. It comes in hardcover. It is not available on Kindle. Grilled Skills Professional For The Perfect Barbeque 

  • I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did if you decide to purchase it. 

How often do you grill your recipes? Do you have a favorite grilling recipe book? 

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    1. Hey Alexis, It’s the same for me. I had never checked out a grilling cookbook before except for Cooks Illustrated or flipping through some at the bookstore. But, never invested in one for grilling. I have to say I’m enjoying owning this one. It’s got a lot of really great recipes I can’t wait to share them as I try them. Thanks for stopping by!

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