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Beyond Earth Day #Green #Tips & Link-up

Dear Creatives, I hope you find somewhere to celebrate Earth Day today! Even just get into your yards, parks & beaches to experience nature, plant or care for them in some way! Earth Day is so important as a reminder to take care of our planet, our Mother Earth! Today I have a list of how you can be greener & take it beyond Earth Day. Yesterday I started my project of creating a butterfly feeder, today I am finishing it up & hoping to share it with you soon!

Yes, even are insects are important to our eco system, as they are vital to keeping pollination thriving in our eco systems.  Pollination is the process by whichpollen is transferred in the reproduction of plants, thereby enabling fertilization and sexual reproduction.

Here is a round-up of ways you can help our planet & animals on Earth Day & beyond :

  • More about butterflies, making a butterfly feeder, monarch butterflies & a freebie printable.
  • I found this article of how to make a butterfly house out of a shoebox & think I may try it & thought you might be interested too! A great project to do with the kids!

iconLets all do our part to be a little greener beyond Earth Day! & if you have a post or an organization for more green tips & Earth Day tips feel free to link them up here!

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